15 makes a difference to ’18


Due to a category three hurricane flooding the streets and homes of hundreds of people in Texas, school was cancelled before it had even begun. Students and faculty missed the first two weeks of school and are now making up for it.
The school board decided that rather than adding onto the school year they will just add 15 minutes to every school day.
“Since we’re graduating on time I don’t mind spending an extra 15 minutes in school,” Senior Horaciana Yelling said.
Students were worried they wouldn’t graduate on June 1st as originally planned but they were more worried for their classmates, faculty, and schools in general.
“I couldn’t even think about graduation day or graduating in general. I was so anxious to find out if all my friends and family were okay,” Senior Tynasia Pierre-August said.
The only issue with the extra 15 minutes being added is students not being able to make it to work on time.
“I like the fifteen minutes being added but it makes me late for work, that’s really my only issue,” Senior Marissa Massengail said.
The hurricane made a large impact on students & faculty, with many losing everything we are beyond thankful everything remains intact within our school.