Calling ALL Seniors!!!


10/21-From Mrs. Sims

Beginning this year, every senior must fill out a FAFSA/TAFSA or sign an opt out sheet. This information has to be included on your transcript so it is very important that you forward me your FAFSA confirmation one you submit it. I will then keep it for your graduation requirements. If you do not have plans to go into any type of post-secondary education and want to opt out, I must know as well.


Seniors, here are a couple of reminders:
1. Once you receive your acceptance letter in the mail, please come see me for a picture!
2. SAT school day is October 28, 2021.
3. Study prep for the SAT is now working in Schoolinks. It is under the college tab. I definitely encourage you to study for this exam.
4. Study Guides are in my office. Please stop by and grab one.
5. There is a scholarship matching tab in Schoolinks to apply for scholarships.
6. FAFSA is open. We will have a FAFSA workshop on campus October 19th. Please sign up to attend.