Freshmen/JV Football Briefs


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September 23 at Hamshire-Fannett

The ninth grade team beat the Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns in a close contest Thursday night at Hamshire-Fannett, 30-26. Raymond Mallett scored on a 47yard run. The two point cocnversion was no good.The Mustangs went up 14-8 when Marcus Turner scored on a 1 yard touchdown run and also scored the two point conversion. The Longhorns answered back, but so did the Mustangs as Turner scored again on a 5 yard TD run and also scored the two point conversion on a quarterback keeper. Hamshire-Fannett kept fighting back, scoring again, but with 1:17 left in the game Turner hit Mallett for a 45 yard pass and Turner tagged on two points to help the Mustangs win the game, 30-26.

The offensive standouts were Kulyer Jeanmard, William Prewitt, Jose Vazquez. Defensive standouts were Denim Orebo, Tahj Amerson and Mallett.


The junior varsity team beat the Longhorns 28-12. Ruben Ceaser put the Mustangs on the board first with a three yard run and also scored the two point conversion. Terrious Foster hit Taydren Perrault for a 43 yard pass for a touchdown. Then the Mustangs made the Longhorns pay after scoring by running back the kick-off 72 yards for six. Foster then found Perrault for a 68 yard strick for six. The two point conversion was good. JV standouts were Foster, Perrault and Daylen Edwards on the offensive side of the ball and Ceaser, Andrew Cooper and Jeremiah Gardner on the defensive side.


September 16- Newton

The combined team of the freshmen and JV beat the Newton Eagles, 44-0. Dustin Helm scored on a 30 yard run and a 20 yard run. Marcus Turner threw to Tahj Amerson from 25 yards out for a touchdown. Chris Jones got in on the scoring with an 11 yard run. Raymond Mallett scored on a 45 yard touchdown run and Amerson scored again from 20 yards out. Five of the six two point conversions were good. Standouts on offense were Jones, Camren Broussard and Elliot Adams. Defensive standouts were La’Tyrick Boutte, Helm and Nicholas Crosson.


September 2-LC-M

The freshmen team defeated LC-M’s ninth grade 20-12. Marcus Turner started the scoring with a 70 yard touchdown pass to Tahj Amerson. The Bears answered back with a score of their own. Both teams missed the two point conversion and were tied at 6. Turner turned up the jets and ran in six more from 23 yards out. Raymond Mallett ran in the two point conversion. Mallett scored again on a 55 yard run and finished the scoring for the win at LC-M. Standouts for the offense were Rush Arvie, Kylar Jeanmaud and Mallett. David Milligan, William Pitre and Amyrian Scott were the defensive standouts.


The Mustang JV put the hurt on the LC-M Bears, beating them 34-0 in their own front yard. Terrious Foster scored on a 76 yard run and the two point conversion was good. Not to be outdone, Dustin Helm scored on an 80myard run. Chris Jones got in on the scoring with a 56 yard run himself. The two point play was good. Foster then found a wide open Taydren Perrault from 57 yards out. Foster ended the scoring on a three yard run. Offensive standouts were Perrault, Joshua Miller and Elliot Adams while Rubin Ceaser, Nicholas Crosson and Taylor Leblanc.


August 26-Nederland

In a game where they weren’t ahead until the very end, the ninth grade team beat the Nederland Bulldogs in the first home game, 28-22. Nederland was up by 14 before a Marcus Turner 25 yard pass to Raymond Mallett put 6 on the board. Mallet turned around and scored again on a 55 yard run but the two point conversion was no good. Nederland scored again to lead by 8 but the Mustangs would not give up. Turner found Mallett again to score on a 73 yard pass and again the tying two point conversion was no good. With not much time left, Mallett took the handoff and bruised his way 38 yards to score. The two point conversion was finally good and the Mustangs took the lead. Offensive standouts were Jeffery Rays, Turner and Mallett. Defensive standouts were Tajh Amerson, Ja’Mikael Davis and Miketavion Davis.


The junior varsity team defeated Nederland, 42-6. Rubin Ceaser started the scoring for the Mustangs on a 25 yard run. The two point conversion was good. The Bulldogs answered back with a score of their own but were stopped on their conversion. The rest of the game belonged to WO-S as Nederland never found the endzone again. Terrious Foster threw a 40 yard pass to Nicolas Crosson. Dustin Helm then scored on a 50 yard run and the two point conversion was good. Using his great scrambling abilities, Chris Jones found the end zone from 50 yards out. Helm scored again on a 20 yard run and William Lee finished it off from just two yards out. Crosson, Josh Miller and Daylen Edwards stood out for the offense while La’Tyrick Boutte, Derrick Williams and Taylor LeBlanc were defensive standouts.