Boys Cross-Country competes at Regionals


Jacobs, Advisor

The boys cross country team finished their season at the regional meet after qualifying for that meet by finishing third in the district, something that hasn’t been done in years at WO-S.

Kaleb Istre led the team at the regional meet, placing 84 with a 19:25.7. He finished 16 at the district meet, running 20:33.5.

“It was a new experience for all of us and hope we can go further next year and get good,” junior Kaleb Istre said.

Adrian Crochet-Hernandez finished 121 at regionals, running 20:27.9. At district, he placed 10, going 19:45.3. Twin Aidan Crochet-Hernandez finished 8 at district with a 19:35.8, but didn’t feel well at regionals and finished 157, running 21:56.

“It felt good it was a first time thing and exciting feel like we can do it next year too,” sophomore Crochet-Hernandez said.

Maleki St. Julien finished 126 at regionals, running 20:39.5. He finished 14 at district with a 20:20.

Uriel Galvan ran a 21:12 at district, placing 23, but improved at regionals to 20:44.2.

Freshmen Angel Ortiz and Trinton Garrett moved up from the JV team that placed second at district to run with the varsity team. Ortiz finished 148, running 21:19.8 and Garrett, 158, who ran 22:02.

Two girls also ran in the district meet, Edid Balderas and Imani Johnson