ECHS Students awarded full-ride scholarship


Trinity Brown, Editor

Thirteen lives were drastically changed by Texas Southern University and their team earlier this week. On Tuesday November 12th during a student transfer signing, TSU offered 13 ECHS students a full ride scholarship for their remaining two years of college. 

“You’ve already done the work, right? You’ve only got two years left and the least we can do is take care of that, right?” TSU President Austin Lane said. “We’re going to take care of all of it for you.” 

Scholarship receivers are high school students while also being enrolled in Lamar State College Orange through our ECHS program. The ECHS program enables students to graduate high school with an associates degree. 

“I never cry over stuff like that but when I heard I instantly shed a few tears. It really meant a lot because I didn’t know what I wanted.” Junior Ahava Victoria said. “Now I don’t have to worry.” 

The student transfer could even continue in years to come according to Dr. Lane. That’s especially good news for the 2nd and 3rd cohort of the program. 

“I was in a state of shock,” Junior Manahil Fatima said. “I never believed something like this could happen.”

No matter what’s to come for future cohorts LSCO definitely achieved their vision/mission of being where Hope meets Opportunity and of Transforming Lives. 

“So many students lives are now transformed because of this wonderful opportunity,” College Counselor Jennifer Sims said. “I am so glad I was able to be there to witness such a life-changing day!”