Game Day: Q & A


Jazmine Verdine

From the insane spirit to the equally hyped pep rallies, football is an icon at West Orange-Stark High School.
The only reason why football is such a big deal here are the players and coaches.

How do you stay focused on a Friday night game?

“I listen to music throughout the day,”  sophomore Demetrius Hunter said. “If it’s a home game, by the end of the pep rally, I’m ready to go.”

Do you remember plays in case of a sudden call in the middle of a game?

“It helps knowing beforehand which plays to do, and knowing about the different ones in case there’s a call in the middle of the game,” senior Steven Wilkerson said.

What do you enjoy most about a Friday night?

“Team dinners because it’s a bonding moment with my teammates,” sophomore Jadon Jones said.

The guys never really know what will happen on the field. All they can do is hold their heads up high.