Carnival Comes Calling!

Carnival Comes Calling!

Joshua Mallet, Writer

The annual Lion’s Den Carnival has once again arrived in Orange. After the delays from Imelda among other rains, the carnival finally opened to the public on October 16th.

The carnival contains many foods such as burgers, hot dogs, fries, links, turkey legs, corn dogs, funnel cakes, nachos, pork kabobs, cotton candy, caramel apples, and much more.

“My favorite food to eat at the carnival is the funnel cake”, Junior Karson Verdine said.

The rides available this year is the Ferris Wheel, tilt-a-whirl, thunderbolt, round up, merry go round, and super slide.

“My favorite carnival ride is definitely the round up”, Junior Jared Simmons said.

There are even rides for the little ones in your family such as a train, kiddle ferris wheel and carousel.

“My niece had so much fun writing on the carousel that she threw up.” Junior Reagan Dixon said.

The carnival will remain open until October 26th. Get there while you still can. its a lot of fun.