Mustangs Win, 49-12 in Homecoming Game

Jazmine Verdine

Homecoming week ended with another win. The varsity Mustangs won 49-12, knocking Hardin-Jefferson out of the water.

“We won against HJ, a quick and easy game,” senior Quincy Ledet said.

The Hawks led at the end of the first quarter, 12-7.
“No sweat, the game had only begun. I knew that we would make up for the loss,” Ledet said.
Once your down there’s only one way to go; up and that’s exactly what the Mustangs did.
The score stayed at a standstill until the Mustangs scored  touchdown after touchdown, thanks to sophomore Elijah Gales. Gales had  5 touchdowns which kept the Mustangs in the game and helped WO-S win.
“It was a good game, but I was just ready to go home. When I scored the first touchdown, I knew I’d be going home sooner than later,” Gales said.