Toothpicks: My Story


Hey my lil freaks. Today I’m gonna tell y’all about me battling addiction and how hard it’s been for me. I’m just kidding. I do have an addiction, but its not what you think, i have an addiction to toothpicks.

It’s been incredibly hard to break, I’ve continuously tried but it never seems to work out. I always seem to have one around me all the time. In fact I have one in my pocket right now.

My old ways of quitting have not seemed to work, i tried cold turkey and old turkey lol. Maybe i just need i new way. For real i have tried really hard to stop using, I’ve tried just not using them for the day but i’m not kidding when I don’t use them for a day my teeth start hurting. Its gotten so bad that i use them in the shower and when i’m going to sleep, i leave them everywhere all over my floor in my room and all under the bed. 

I’ve gotten yelled at so many times because of them, because I’ve accidentally left them on the couch where the babies can find them and eat them. I mean you would think they would be happy i care about my teeth so much, but i guess not. That’s okay. Until next time, Mackenzie.