I’m Mackenzie

This is me, guys.


Hi my name is Mackenzie and I live in West Orange.  I’m a  junior in high school. A couple of days ago, I was asked what it ‘s like to be a teen in the world today.  Sometimes that’s a tricky question so, here’s a story about me. I live with my parents and I have one brother and one sister. I’m the youngest so i get to short part of the stick and always get blamed for everything even if I didn’t do it. One day my brother got caught with a girl in his room but i got blamed for it because I knew the girl at the time. How is it my fault that your son is a hoe?  I can’t make him not do that. He only got away with it because he’s the only son.  He’s my mom’s angel so he gets away with everything.  He could get away with murder if he wanted to and don’t even get me started on my sister. Just because she was the first to give my mom grand kids doesn’t mean anything.

She got pregnant at 18, right out of school and on top of that she STILL lives at home… yeah!  Did i mention she had twins?”

— Mackenzie


All my mom and dad do is spoil her.  She still gets whatever she wants for her and the twins. My sister just got married too.  You would think she would move out with her husband but no. My brother in-law and their kids all live in my 3 bedroom house with the rest of our family. Yesterday my sister got mad that my best friend was over at the house taking a shower.  She was exceptionally rude to her and was mad at me but we’ve been doing that since before she came to live with us so she shouldn’t be mad.  Just because she is older than us, she has always thought she could act like our mom. She needs to stop. Thanks for reading.