I’m Raven


Good afternoon Meddlers, Today I was asked a question that I think needs an answer, but before I get into my daily tea,  I think I should probably introduce myself. My name is Raven and I’m a senior here at our High School. 

Now before you go around the school asking all the Ravens’ if they are writing this I should probably let you know that Raven isn’t actually my name. In this column I will be letting a lot of secrets out and to save the identity and reputation of myself and all the people I will be mentioning, I will be using alias. It isn’t like you’ll ever find out who I am anyway.

I walk past you in the halls, sit next to you in class, and stand squished beside you in the lunch line while we all huddle and waddled together into the lunch line door, and to be honest I don’t think anyone notices me. That doesn’t bother me though, I’m completely content with being completely alone… Sometimes. 

Although this is a gossip column I must tell you that I’m not much of a gossip girl… Okay maybe I am, but you don’t get to judge me, you’re the one meddling in my business. 

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not exactly what you would consider popular here at our wonderful school. With that being said what you’ll probably be reading mostly here on this column is basic drama in a teenagers life which gets me to the initial question.

So, what is it like to be a teenager?

Well, it sucks.

Especially being a teenager in the twenty-first century. Being a teenager is tough, especially when you have a father who seems to be completely against you. We get blamed for literally everything. We get called lazy, we are told we spend to much time on our phones, we are blamed for literally anything and everything that goes wrong in the world and I can’t help but wonder… How is that our fault?

How is anything that goes wrong in the world our fault? 

I apologize if my thoughts seem a bit scattered but I have ADD, it makes it hard to concentrate on the actual topic of conversation. So where was I?

We teenagers are just now beginning to grow into adults, just beginning to understand the world around us, most of us aren’t even of voting age to even make a difference. So why do the adults in our lives blame us for everything that goes wrong? Maybe because they know that they messed up and they need someone to blame for their mistakes. And why not blame the generation you raised. That seems smart. 

We teenagers are basically mutant creatures, half adult, half child. We’re mature but to a certain extent. Most of us are making our own decisions regarding college and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. That’s another thing. If adults think teenagers are just children, then why do you allow us to make decisions that will define our very futures and the futures of the world. We are the future, yet you treat us like we’re what’s wrong with the world. 

I think, and this is just a thought, we as the next generation to rule the world need to prove that we actually deserve what we are going to be receiving. We need to be the ones to make the world a better place not only to prove that we can but to say we did that, we fixed what the people before us destroyed. Rather we fix it by getting rid of world hunger, cancer, correcting the economy, making peace with our enemies, or by electing people who deserve to be in office. Instead of us focusing on the legal drinking age and the age to buy cigarettes maybe we need to focus on devoting ourselves to fixing the rise in property taxes, simplifying the tax code, get rid of special interests, and remove disincentives so that businesses flourish. All this so that the country grows stronger. We need to come together as the American people and stop letting petty disagreements put a barrier between us. We Americans have more wars raging on inside these borders than we do out of them, and how are we supposed to continue to win wars if we are always at each others’ throats.

I don’t know, maybe this is just me blabbing my mouth about things I know nothing about, because apparently I’m just a child. 

Until next time, my nosey Meddlers.