Custodial Staff Speaks out

Reagan Dixon and Katelynn Segura

Some people here take the Cafeteria/Custodial staff  for granted around here but that isn’t not right. This is their story. 

Do you like your job? If so why?


“Yes, I like everything about my job. They are good to me. They all love me so much” Custodian Bonnie Colmin said.


“It’s a job someone has to do it, they should take it into consideration.” Custodian Mrs. Green said.


“I love my job and the children. The only downside is I need more money.” Cafeteria worker Mrs. Ella said.


“I love the little kids, all they need is to be more respectful.” – Cafeteria worker Mrs. Jackson said.


What is your favorite part about your job?


“My favorite part is getting off work” Colmin said.


Do you wish students were more respectful of you?

“Yeah, listen to what people say, the kids don’t see it but we’re here to make the ship run smooth. Without us it would be chaos.” Green said.


“Yes, not all of them but most of them need to have more respect. They need to stop leaving trash everywhere.” Ella said.


“Yes, they need to act like their momma is right in front of them.” Jackson said.


Next time you see the Custodial staff or the Cafeteria workers be kind and respectful. It only takes a minute to make their day.