Proctor Takes Over Student Council


Jazmine Verdine


Student Council has a new sponsor this year, Jimmesha Proctor. As the new sponsor, she has already started raising funds by having the members sell popcorn.

Last week, it was announced that the homecoming dance theme would be New York Runway. The dance will be formal wear.

“The first few weeks of establishing student council again were rocky since Mr. Franco stopped doing it. Some of the old members were reluctant to join,” Senior Angel Gaitan said.

Last year our theater teacher and One-Act play director was also the sponsor of student council, but this year his plate was too full. Luckily the group managed to gather a lot of new comers so all was well in the end.

“For someone who decides to sponsor an organization during school without any meetings before hand, Mrs.Proctor is doing a good job,” Gaitan said.

Within the first few weeks of her being the sponsor she has already managed to sell a large amount of homecoming tickets for the dance and a lot of popcorn for student council.

“It’s a lot of work on my end, but the student’s are on top of their game and we are getting stuff done,” Jimmesha Proctor said.

Homecoming is a few weeks away and tickets are running out. The time is now, so go out and buy a ticket and enjoy the dance!