Spotlight: Cheerleaders


Big smiles, pom poms, and jumps-that seems easy.

Some don’t realize that the cheerleaders are a big part of the Friday night experience.

“The cheerleaders play a big part because we are the football players’ biggest supporters,” senior Aalyssia Gaddis said.

The cheerleaders even got a head start on the season, during the summer vacation. The varsity squad attended cheer camp at Texas State University to learn new cheers, chants and stunts as well as ideas for promoting school spirit.

“Cheer camp was fun. We got to experience new things other going to a home cheer camp,” senior Candace Brown said.

Over time the cheerleaders got closer with each other, even with the new members on the team.

“I like the new members’ energy, and how they are so willing to learn,” Brown said.