Spotlight: Cheerleaders

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Spotlight: Cheerleaders

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Big Smiles, Powpows, and Jumps thats seem easy. Not knowing that the cheerleaders do more than they get credit for. Some don’t believe that the cheerleaders are a big part of the Football team.

“The cheerleaders are kind of a big part cause were the football players biggest supporters.” Senior Aalyssia Gaddis said.

She’s right cause there out on the field screaming, yelling, and jumping, motivating them to make a score on the board. 

The Cheerleaders even gotten a head start on the season, during the summer vacation. Going to cheer camp just to practice new things for the upcoming season.

“Cheer camp was fun, we got to experience new things other going to the home Cheer camp” Senior Candace Brown said.

Over time the cheerleaders got closer with each other, even with the new members on the team.

“I like the new members energy, an how there so willingly to learn” Senior Candace Brown, said. 

The Cheerleaders are about to be really busy for Homecoming week, even the though they don’t agree with everything there doing.

”I feel like the should change somethings” Senior Aalyssia Gaddis said.