Dress Code Changed Unexpectedly

Joshua Mallett

At the start of the school year a new dress code policy was issued. There was no notification of this change beforehand.

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“I honestly don’t mind the school’s dress code, at least we’re not in uniforms,” Junior Ashley Frazier said.

The dress code stated that no clothing could contain rips, holes, or patches. Males were not allowed to have goatees or beards. Skirts and shorts must be knee length.

“The school dress code is extreme but understandable,” Junior Rayne Keith said.

  The ban on patches was later lifted. Males are now allowed to have goatees and beards as long as they are neatly groomed.

“I feel its going a little too far. There’s a difference between them wanting us to dress decently and them controlling what we wear completely.”

— Senior Cheyanne Foster

All dress code decision are at the discretion of the campus administrators. Dress code exceptions may be made on special school days such as Red Ribbon week. Further changes to the dress code may be made.

  “The dress code makes sense, but people just try to push the limits,” Senior Destiny Miles said.