Big Blue Productions Covers the Games


Jazmine Verdine, Writer

This Friday, the varsity Mustangs will play against Crosby.
Not only will this be the second home game of the season, but it will also be the second game to be broadcasted onto the scoreboard.
The students in charge of the scoreboard are called Big Blue Productions.
Two of the nine students started training during the summer, while the rest of the team learned the training hands on.
“I work the computers in the press box, it’s programmed to the scoreboard,” Senior Dax Fregia said.
“Whatever I have playing on the screen, the people will be able to see it on the scoreboard.”
Besides from Fregia working the main computers, the other eight students rotate from camera to camera.
“I film the crowd of fans, that’s it for a person who works a color cam,” Senior Chattoria Wade said.
There are two other cameras besides the color cam which are the sideline cameras and the bird box camera.
Seniors Angel Gaitan, Noe Lara switch during half time to work a field camera.
The bird box camera is the main camera that’s run by Senior Jazmine Verdine and CTE teacher, Lacey Hale.
Come out and support the varsity mustangs and the Big Blue Productions!