Our School Has What?

High School offers new classes


Jazmine Verdine, Writer/Photographer

At the end of every year, the guidance counselors sit students down to discuss their schedule for the next year. The counselors often offer the students, new classes, that they plan to have for the following year.

For this year, the CTE building offers Practicum A/V production; which is a two-period class that deals with the new scoreboards on the football, and baseball field.

“Mrs. Hale talked about this class a lot to her commercial photography classes last year, not many students signed up but there’s enough of us to work a Friday night home game,” Senior Dax Fregia said.

The teacher in charge, Ms. Lacey Hale, hopes to get more students next year so not every student has to work a Friday night game.

Another class that was offered is Forensic science that is taught by Jordan Britten.

It’s his first time teaching forensics, but students seem to love it already.”

“There’s going to be a lot of hands-on activities, and I’m pretty excited about this,” Senior Justin Veitch said.

Mr. Britten is planning on field trips to the forensic center here in Orange, or a meet and greet for his forensics students even though its a small class field with a majority of seniors and a few juniors.

“I wanted to do something in the field of forensics so, I decided to take this class as a means to get ahead in college,” Senior Willy Harrison said.

You can take these classes next year too. Just talk to your guidance counselor so they can set you up.