New Coach, New Game


Jazmine Verdine

Mr. William Barstow is this year’s new track and basketball coach. Besides athletics, he also teaches mathematics.
“I originally went to college for basketball, but things didn’t play out as I had hoped,” Mr. Barstow said.
Summer training started late since he was hired on in August, but Mr. Barstow has handled it all. Both on and off the court.
“Having Mr. Barstow as a teacher and a coach had its pros and cons,” Sophomore Karson Verdine said. “He’ll work you to the bone in and out of class. The set routine is; Running, weight room, then drills,”.
Basketball season began in November. It was a win some you lose some for the Varsity and Junior Varsity team.
“This was my first and last time to be captain for the varsity team,” Senior Jalen Jefferson said. “It was an awesome experience, and Mr. Barstow is a great coach that will work with you.”