The Turf is Coming

Clint Williams, Writer

The groundbreaking for the turf on the football field Feb 28 kicked off the projects that were passed back in November when the community voted yes for the $25.75 million bond.
Projects have been scheduled into a multi-phase timeline that provides as little disruption to the students/classrooms as possible.
“This is the groundbreaking for the entire project,” Superintendent Rickie Harris said.
The football field turf project is expected to be completed in time for graduation ceremonies in May 2019. Senior Brettlin Wiley, who played football on the field, says he hopes that the field is finished because it wouldn’t be right to not be able to graduate on the field.
Coach Cornel Thompson said he was there when the field stadium was first constructed. Thompson, who has wanted the turf for over 10 years, believes it will be beneficial to the team.
“I think it’s about time,” Thompson said. “We’ve been to the fourth round 8 years in a row. I’m tired of seeing our players stomp around in mud and lying down in ants because of the wet weather. We shouldn’t have to go borrow PNG or Port Author Memorial field to practice on because of the wet weather. “When you can practice on dry ground it helps save equipment and helps reduce the number of injuries in football games,” he said.