AirDrop It!

Jazmine Verdine

As of two weeks ago, it has been brought to the attention of a teacher that student’s are airdropping answers to their fellow peers before and during a test.
To stop this, several teachers have tried to make various copies of their test with different answer choices. However, nothing has helped, until this past week, a fellow math teacher has introduced a new rule in her classroom that will, hopefully, cut down on cheating.
The teacher, has her students put their phone in a basket from the moment they walk into the classroom until the bell dismisses the students.
Not many students agree with how it all plays out, and some are even going to such lengths as to give it to another student for the periods in which they have the teacher.
From the teacher’s point of view, the student’s seem to be paying more attention in class, than they normally would be having their cell phones on them.