Skills USA Kids Do It Again

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Skills USA Kids Do It Again

jazmine verdine, Co-Editor

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Ms.Lacey Hale’s Skills USA student’s do it again with Junior Angel Gaitan advancing to State, and Senior Carolina Arreola winning Best in Show this past Friday, February 15th.
“I didn’t have my hopes up that high, honestly I was expecting a participation ribbon since this was my first time competing,” Gaitan said. “I was scored a 198 out of 200 possible points, placing me at State.”
His photo is of a low angle of our very own W.H. Stark House, which he digitally enhanced using Photoshop.
“Honestly, the original looked amazing to begin with, but Ms.Hale insisted on me using a tutorial called Wet-Plate Collodion which basically gives your picture this vintage appearance,” Gaitan said.
Ms.Hale has done Skills USA for two years, but she has done video production 5 years in the past 20 years.
“Skills USA is very stressful, but it always pay off in the end,” Ms.Hale said.
Indeed it does, eventually Carolina Arreola, Angel Gaitan, and a few other students along with Ms.Hale will be heading to Corpus Christi for State.