The Birds and the Bees

Should Sex Education Be Required?


Jazmine Verdine

To graduate you need 26 credits, half of these credits come from your core classes and the required classes you need such as two years of Spanish, a fine art class, and P.E. The other half are the general electives that you get to choose. As a young adult in high school, you need all the information in the world including the proper knowledge of sex ed. However, not everyone sees the importance of having that class in high school when it’s being exposed to us 24/7 on the internet.
“It’s pointless having a sex ed class when everyone knows or learns about it from social media, besides teenagers are going to do what they want,” Junior Hykiem Taylor said.
Kids will do whatever they want, when they want which makes teenage pregnancy a huge issue at any school.
“Having a health class would be so beneficial to the underclassmen, just today I heard that three girls are rumored to be pregnant,” Senior Alice Alexander said.
It’s better to be safe than sorry, which is one of many reasons as to why having a health class would benefit everyone if it was mandatory.
“I do believe that having a sex education class would be helpful, it was required, but now its not,” Senior Alexya LaFleur said.
A sex ed class would address many issues including teenage pregnancy, safe sex, and emotional relations and responsibilities. The class would be taught by WOS very own, Sara Tahaney, the CTE Health Science teacher.
“Ms.Tahaney is relatable in today’s issues, so having her teach one of the most difficult courses when it comes to immature teenagers would be awesome,” Alexander said.
Hopefully by 2020, or possibly with the coming summer of 2019, WOSHS will make a sex ed class necessary to graduate.