Lunchtime Gets Longer

Chasity Janice, Writer/ Photographer

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Mr. Alexander has been working on what is called a Mega lunch. This lunch will combine both first and second lunches in to one lunch period and is estimated to be one hour and five minutes. During this time students would have enough time to make up any missed assignments or tests, attend important meetings such as NHS, Student Council, tutoring and UIL practices. Teachers wouldn’t have the struggle of no one attending after school tutorials due to athletics or work. Thus, reducing the pile of uncompleted assignments and missing grades for students. This would also make time for PSAT, SAT, and ACT preparations. Just think about a lunch period where students had enough time for mandatory tutorials with a teacher and teachers wouldn’t have time taken away from their home lives, because teachers are people too.
“The mega lunch is going to give my peers and I the opportunity to catch up or get ahead in our early college courses,” Sophomore Tricia LaFleur said.
After visiting other schools, including LCM, Mr. Alexander began looking into what they were doing and how they were doing it. This would be a good business day scenario to coach students to get everything done before lunch time so they wouldn’t have to struggle at the end of the day with academic work. The new schedule including a mega lunch would need to be a flexible, everyday thing. It could be fun and a free period for students who have finished everything they needed, but a period for getting things done for those who have unfinished work as long as students take advantage of this opportunity. If all goes well, once the idea is fully planned, the district may help with funding for the upcoming school year.
“If they begin this lunch and stick with it I believe it will turn out, but having every student in the entire school in only a few areas with be tough to maintain control,” Senior A’Niah Dugas said.