WOS Kicker Saves the Game

November Mustang of the Month


Miguel Villeda, Writer

The 500th game and 400th win all in one was a lot of stress on the varsity football team to do well. The score was tied 21-21 with 16 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Angel Ibarra held the fate of West Orange Stark’s victory.
Coach Thompson called for a field goal and the crowd went silent. The stakes were high and everyone was tense, if he missed the field goal the Mustangs would go into overtime. Everyone, coaches, cheerleaders, fillies, fans, are all silent as the Mustangs line up for a field goal.
“I felt really nervous, I was so focused and determined to make the most out of the moment,” Ibarra said.
Ibarra kicked the goal and it is….. GOOD! They Mustangs form a dog pile on top of Ibarra, while the crowd is yelling with excitement. Ibarra saved the 400th win for the Mustangs.
“I don’t believe in superstition, I just pray before every game,” Ibarra said.