WOS Junior Varsity Blows Hardin-Jefferson out of the Water


“I can’t miss one! I made a bet with a friend and I was so determined,” Villeda said.

Chattoria Wade, Editor-in-chief

This past Thursday WOS JV defeated Hardin Jefferson JV with a shocking blowout of 63-0. Starting with Andre Thomas, he scored on a 28 yard touchdown run! With our star of the night Miguel Villeda scoring all 9 extra points. “Well, I felt pretty proud of myself because I did it. Making making all the scores that week,” Sophomore Villeda said. Every single last one. Jason Zeigler scored on a 1 yard touchdown run. Thomas then scored on a 65 punt return for a touchdown. Clint Williams scored on a 40 yard touchdown run. Zeigler threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to Jubar Ross. Floyd Mouton scored on an 8 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Zeigler also scored a 38 yard touchdown run, and Jamal Warnell scored on a 1 yard touchdown run.
Offensive Standouts : Isacc Medina, Evan Gray, Andre Thomas, and Jayson Zeigler.
Defensive Standouts : Floyd Mouton, Clint Williams, Iverson Godfrey, and Jubar Ross.
WOS JV Special Standout : Miguel Villeda. “I was happy and proud! I was just under pressure,” Villeda said.