Breaking in the New Counselor

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Breaking in the New Counselor

Chasity Janice, Writer and Photographer

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Mrs. Jennifer Nicole Sims has started off the 2018-2019 school year as a great first year guidance counselor. At age 37, Mrs. Sims has been married 13 years and is a mother of 3, ten year old Owen, eight year old Cash, and three year old Wyatt. Before becoming at high school counselor Mr. Sims worked for the General Nutrition Center (GNC) during college, afterwards she became a teacher at West Orange- Stark Elementary, lastly she worked at Presbyterian day school.

“This is my first year as a guidance counselor, I plan to do this year learning and reflecting as I will do every following year.” Guidance counselor Mrs. Sims said.

While she was a teacher at WOSE, she always thought about giving students advice on achieving their future goals. She always thought about letting students create their own end goals. She feels like being a school counselor she’ll really be helping students achieve their end goals and deadlines before they graduate. Plus, she keeps close connection with military recruiters for students who want to join the service. She has called many different services to come to the school and set up tables giving information and is hoping to get them into classrooms by the following year.

This year Mrs. Sims worked with the administration building get an in school PSAT- SAT testing date for students who probably can’t make it on Saturdays for testing. The idea was the superintendents way of farming a more college ready atmosphere for high school students who plan on going to college when they graduate.

“This opens up opportunities for students who probably wouldn’t be able take the SAT on Saturday and it’s available to them at no cost.” Mrs. Sims said.

Scholarships are one of Mrs. Sims specialty along with an important aspect of every seniors college acceptance. Alongside local scholarships such as Lamar University and McNeese, she does research and networking with other high schools and colleges pertaining to the demographic location of a group of students. She uses the Remind App to get counselor updates as well as updates through universities and colleges.

As the upcoming years progress Mrs. Sims hopes to help students gain early college life exposure from elementary to graduation. She plans to get students early on resources so, when they go to enter high school it’s like an already open book for them. She also wants many students to be taking the PSAT their 8th to 10th grade school year and SAT 11th and 12th grade year to get it all covered and done.

“I recommend to most students getting ready for graduation and college life to not choose any college just because but, to select the college that fits you.” Mrs. Sims said.