Go Far or Stay Home

Mega Testing Day Pressing Students to Test

Miguel Villeda, Writer

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On Wednesday, October 10th, most of the West Orange-Stark High school sophomores, juniors and seniors took the school day PSAT or SAT. The mega testing day was a way for kids who couldn’t afford or didn’t have a ride on Saturdays be allowed to take the test. Some students felt that it helped ease their anxiety because they were in a familiar place, rather than other students who felt it was too much pressure for them.
“I have serve test anxiety, so being in a familiar place helped soothe some nerves and made me focus a lot better,” Sophomore Patricia LaFleur said.
Students were allowed to still have their weekend to themselves and detox from the long school week. This is especially important for the first weeks of the semester because everyone still getting into their routine again.
“I’m not the best with alarms, but if I was already going to school I would get up,” Senior Jordan Thomas said.
The mega testing day was all-in-all a success. Students will receive their scores on November 2nd, remember you must check them on the computer, they will not appear on your cell phone.