Returning WOS Student Finds Passion in Football


Patricia LaFleur, Writer

Miguel Villeda is a returning WOS student, prior to this year he went to Little Cypress Maurcieville. He is a sophomore and plays on our Junior Varsity football team. Miguel decided to try to play football when he realized that West Orange-Stark didn’t have a soccer team. He is our kicker, number 85.
“Being the kicker is something I can relate to as a soccer player,” Kicker Miguel Villeda said.
Every time Miguel is on the field he feels like he is making everyone – parents, staff, and students – happy because they are spending their time and money coming to our JV football games.
“Soccer differs from football a lot to me because I’ve been playing soccer my whole life, until this year and the biggest change is the ‘passion’ in it. I am a very passionate player to soccer” Villeda said.
Miguel says that he enjoys trying new things and playing another sport would be the last thing he would have done. He is trying to make the most of it and is working very hard to be on Varsity as soon as possible.