Getting in the Homecoming Spirit

Student Council Decorates the Main Hallway for Homecoming

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Getting in the Homecoming Spirit

Chasity Janice, Writer

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Friday and Saturday, September 21st and 22nd, many students came out to help with homecoming decorations. It included each class decorating a portion of the main hallway.
The freshman class chose to decorate their section as Princess and the Frog. They included the dress, swampy areas, and the two frogs. There were quite a bit of freshman that showed up to help including Nia Lewis, Everett, and Mykael came to participate.
“To be apart of Student Council you have to put in work so therefore, I felt good seeing everyone show up to make the hallway look good,” Freshman Nia Lewis said.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the pick for the sophomore class to decorate their part of the hall. They painted the clubhouse, the main characters, and clouds to give the animated effect. Sophomores Patricia LaFleur, Baylee Kibdoux, Keante Thompson, and Jayden Wlliams showed support for Homecoming.
“It was very tedious and time consuming, but everything came out great,” Sophomore Baylee Kibdoux said.
Juniors made Aladdin come to life with their 3-D tunnel and realistic paintings of the cast. While the juniors didn’t have the best attendance, they got a lot done with making it look well put together. Juniors: Chattoria Wade, Annie Brashear, Angel Gaitan, and Noe Lara showed up to help with decorations.
“It was a lot of fun being able to paint the walls and be around people who wanted to do the same,” Junior Chattoria Wade said.
The Lion King was the Disney movie chosen for the senior class. They decorated with individual scenes, the title of the movie, and the Hakuna Matata scene. Seniors Abigail Stephens, Alexya LaFleur, Chasity Janice, Carolina Arreola, Trinity Hodge, Diamond Judge, Manuel Franklin, Deiondre Hawthorne, and Andre Riggs all came out to support for Homecoming.
“After so many years of not having much participation in homecoming decorations it was neat to see a lot come out and help their classmates,” Senior Abigail Stephens said.
All the participation from the students was astounding. They stayed until 8 o’clock on Friday night and came back bright and early Saturday morning to complete the hallway before everyone came back to school Monday morning.