Newton Eagles Soars Past the Mustangs 21-7

Fans Support Until Fourth


Abigail Stephens, Writer/Photographer

The STATE game of the week, Newton vs. West Orange-Stark, the game everyone in town has anticipated. The stands were packed with Alumni, fans, and families.
Both teams started off a little rocky with neither scoring on their first drives. The atmosphere full of support and hopeful fans that the Mustangs will work hard for a win.
On Newton’s second drive they scored a touchdown, the score now 7-0 Newton. Fast forward to the second quarter, Newton has the ball and score another touchdown, 14-0 Newton.
The buzzer sounds, it’s halftime. The band starts playing, the fans get up and start hollering and clapping as the Mustangs run to their locker room.
The boys come back out in new jerseys, pumped and ready to play their game. Newton didn’t score in the third quarter due to the Mustangs strong defense.
Every person in the stands holding up four fingers, for the fourth quarter.
Newton gets a touchdown, 21-0. 8:25 left in the fourth quarter, a massive wave of people, including fans, friends and parents, stand from the stands and begin to leave. The fans who came to support the Mustangs “win or lose” were leaving.
“Seeing all the fans leaving made me mad because they’re not real fans. If you are going to come to a game and leave in the middle, just don’t come at all. There were just a lot of fake fans,” Left tackle Jacorry Brady said.
With 4 minutes left in the game, Jayz’n Robinson made his way to the end zone for the Mustags first and only touchdown, 21-7 Newton. The fans, at least what is left of them, are in an uproar of excitement.
“Everyone leaving just made us realize that they are just bandwagon fans,” Safety Teshaun Teel said.
The game didn’t go as expected, but the Mustangs left their heart on the field. The final score 21-7 Newton.