Stars of the Sidelines


Brenlea Rogers, Writer and photographer

The bright field lights shine shine down on the helmets that clash together loudly every Friday night for West Orange-Stark. And although most eyes are on the field watching back and forth as boys run around with a ball, the Cheerleaders work hard to hype up the crowd with their loud and exciting cheers. Each football season the WOS cheerleaders go out and show their hard work at every game.
Cheer is very exciting to do and a fun after school activity for many students. The cheer ‘Big Blue’ is a favorite by many, including Freshman Sha’Kanna Juno and assistant sponsor, Ashley Wilbur.
“The team is wonderful and their personalities are great,” Freshman Alayzah Morris said.
Some cheers are hard to learn but cam be picked up easy with the big sis/little sis team work organization. The big sis will help the little sister learn drum beats, chants, and cheers. This system gives hands on learning with people their own age, which promotes a comforting learning environment and prevents embarrassment.
“The team is great and we have worked hard all year, but we have lost many great cheerleaders this year,” Wilbur said.
Team work is very important to a squad because it can’t have a good cheer squad if the team members don’t work together. Cheer bonding is a great way to get to know the teammates and make great friends. Being a High School cheerleader creates life long memories and friendships, that will be talked about for years to come.
“I’d love to cheer just for the experience,” Juno said.
The rush of being on the field is heart racing! It takes a lot to be yelling and throwing your arms every where, or trying to be as stiff as possible. Cheer leading is a hands on contact sport that requires a physical physique.
“I’m excited for the cheer season to start!,” Freshman Haylee Veitch said.
Cheer season starts out rough, with a lot of training, hard work, and dedication. Teaching new Freshman all of the new cheers they need to know for the pep rally is very time consuming but the cheerleaders work their hardest every time they step on the field. These hard working ladies are the stars of the sidelines.