Mustang of the Month May


Annie Brashear, Writer

In today’s day and age, women and men alike take pride in their appearance and the style they strut with.  We have a few very talented people that can do hair, makeup, and even nails. From freshmen to seniors, the Mustang’s constantly show their talent and abilities at school and away from school. One person in particular that specializes in wig making is Junior Trinity Hodge. Hodge shows her talent by makings wigs for other students and people in the community.
“I started making wigs when I was in 8th grade.” Hodge said. “I didn’t have anything to do after school so I went on YouTube and started  making wigs.” Hodge says she makes money by making and selling her wigs to people in the community. If the customer provides their own hair, she will make and style the wig for her customer.
If you’d like to contact Hodge for a personalized wig you can find her on Instagram. Go out and support our talented Mustangs, they have to start somewhere.