Silver Seniors Strike Down Tradition


Alexya LaFleur, Writer/Photographer

Blue or Silver? That is the question we have asked ourselves this school year. The 2018 Senior class, following the footsteps of the class of 2000, decided to change the traditional blue cap and go with silver. After weeks of controversial voting, the 2018 class finally decided on silver cap and gowns. With graduation approaching, these seniors are preparing to glide across the stage in their silver attire, and there is still some controversy to the topic.
Many people see this as a change in tradition. Some agree, some disagree for multiple reasons. Because, in the end everyone is there for the graduates. Change isn’t a bad thing.
Ms. Thereze Sichko has said that she doesn’t think that clothing wouldn’t make a difference on something labeled “traditional”. She agrees with the change because change can be good.
The change from blue to silver was last minute and dramatic. It was a big surprise to the underclassmen and the alumni.
Senior Rita Jenkins expressed her individuality and has said that her classmates are the new generation and millennial’s. They chose the silver because they wanted to make a stand with the shiny and different.
The Senior class is very unique, and this change really shows it.