Mustang of the Month April


Annie Brashear, Writer/Photographer

Patcharu Bureal AKA “Tem” is a sophomore foreign exchange student here at West Orange-Stark high School. Bureal, enjoys spending his time cooking food from his home Country, Thailand. Although in America, he still enjoys cooking traditional Thai food for himself.

“My favorite Thai meal is  แกงชยงหวามไท (or Yong Ching Tai/ Thai green curry) “, Bureal said. Yong Ching Tai is a variety of curry in Thailand, made with green chili’s. It is necessarily sweeter than most Thai chili. Created with a coconut milk base and green chili paste, the dish comes out a creamy green color, which is where the meal get’s its name.

“I learned to cook from my mom. She cooks and I help her”, Bureal said. Traditionally in Thailand, children learn to cook by watching or helping their mothers. Traditional Thai foods that are popular across the world include: Pad Thai, Red Curry, and Thai Fried Rice.

“When I describe American food I think of crawfish, but I do not like it. I also don’t like sweet iced tea, I prefer milk tea”, Tem said. Another Thai tradition is a gathering that resembles a crock-pot barbecue, called pork and pan or pork pad Thai.

Bureal enjoys his time here in America, but still enjoys the fresh meals of traditional Thailand. Just as many other students here, Patcharu is unique and talented in many ways.