Mustang of the Month March


Annie Brashear, Writer/Photographer

Here at West Orange-Stark, we have some of the most unique and fantastically talented students. Some are mechanics, make wigs, or even dance professionally.

Senior Maliyah Murray has been riding and training horses since she was seven years old. She learned everything she knows from her dad, who’s been teaching her since she was a little girl. “Training¬† is my favorite thing about riding, because you learn more things about your house as you go,” Murray said.

Murray’s Racing Quarter Horse “Cash” belongs to the fastest breed of horses in the world. Cash is an American bred horse, known for it’s speed and agility, training these horses is extremely hard. “When I was younger my dad taught me. It’s a family tradition thing for us”, Murray said.

Murray is only one of many talented students that attend our wonderful school, and we hope to find all of the amazing talents the students have to share. “Training is a lot of fun, I love doing it with my family”, Murray said.