Band Uniforms


Tayeah Dews

The band only has 50 uniforms ordered, if band is to grow like predicted 50 uniforms will not be enough for all students.
The school board needs to provide money to buy enough uniforms for every student involved in band as it begins to expand.
Out of the entire band there are only two seniors and the rest are underclassmen, and more are to come, expanding the size of the band. If we don’t get new uniforms, only two uniforms will be able to be provided for the kids who may possibly fit them.
Uniforms encourage people to join, in makes the students proud to be in the band when they are performing on the field and at battle of the bands.  Uniforms make students feel as if they belong in a group, one that is important to them and to our school district.
If we continue to wait to buy uniforms, we will purchase them last minute which will result in us not having uniforms for everyone on time.
The school board should provide money to buy new band uniforms. The uniforms show that the band has come a long way and hopes to go even further in the years to come.