Lunch Munch


Jazmine Verdine, Writer

Since the dawn of time cafeteria food has been deemed inedible by many students, which is most likely the reason as to why students backpacks are constantly filled with food.
“To be honest, the cafeteria’s food is okay. It’s not excellent, but it’s not as bad as everyone says,” Senior Brian Culver said.
In every school district, the cafeteria managers are in charge of finding something satisfactory for every student. Just because your not allergic to shrimp, doesn’t mean the next student is.
“I understand that the lunch ladies are trying their best, but they should definitely work on improving it,” Sophomore Genesis Lawrence said.
Surveying the students of West Orange Stark High-school, many say a certain burger should be added to the lunch food hall of fame: the hot and spicy. Many schools may be deemed with bad food, but that’s not stopping West Orange Stark’s cafeteria from trying their best and serving food that every student is able to eat.

Update (4/19/18) : There are plenty of students who say that the food is adequate, and there’s plenty of students who say that the newly added baked potato bar is beyond adequate.