Mustang of the Month January

I am a… Programmer

Annie Brashear and Amy Newman

Senior Brandon Brooks, an 18 year old aspiring director, has been programming for 7 years. He first found his passion for programming while reading online forums. Brandon knows 6 programming languages and is able to create video-games from home. He has received certifications in Flash and Comcast digital learner. Brooks mods a large portion of his video-games to add his own characters, intro, and outro. Brandon is a self-taught programmer, but refined his skills his 9th grade year. He was inspired by his friends, who were all into programming.
“My friends were into JavaScript. That really kick-started me into wanting to learn about programming,” Brooks said.
He says his favorite part of programming is watching it all come together into one masterpiece as well as solving problems that pop up along the way. Brooks plans to become either a video production specialist, a director, or an online security specialist, and continue using his programming skills whenever he needs.Programming has been around for a long time, and people from many different backgrounds have become very successful programmers. The first programmer was an English woman named Ada Lovelace. She was a mathematician known for her work with Charles Babbage. Babbage proposed a mechanical general-purpose computer, and Lovelace was the first to recognize the machine had many applications beyond it’s pure calculation, and she comprised its first algorithm.  Anyone can become a programmer, no matter what their background is.
“Programming is a lot of fun, I think really anyone who puts in the effort can become a programmer.” Brooks said.