Mustang of the Month February

I am a… Dancer

Annie Brashear

Sophomore Destiny Miles has been dancing for 13 years and aspires to become a professional dancer or choreographer.
“I want to go to Julliard to become a choreographer, and I plan to continue dancing for a long time. It’s been my dream since I was 3 years old,” Miles said.
She says her cousin, who had been dancing for 10+ years, inspired her to start her dancing career.
“I really felt the ignition of my love for dancing start when I watched my cousin dance, it was always so beautiful,” Miles said.
“My favorite part about dancing are the contemporary styles and the endurance each dancer builds up as they dance,” Miles said.
Becoming a dancer requires a lot of work and exercising. You have to stretch, dance, and sweat a lot. Although it may be a lot of hard work and dedication, the end result is beautiful and really pays off.
“Most dancers average around 5’7-5’10,and they usually end up weighing 90-120 pounds, we work really hard to become the dancers we are”, Miles said.
Dancers are wonderful, disciplined people. They all work very hard to become the best dancer they can be, while still having a lot of fun doing it.
“Dancing is my passion, its been my passion for 13 years. Dancing is my love” Miles said.